Lost wax bronze casting

This video is a great animation of how artists used bronze casting in the past to make their timeless pieces. Through the advancement of materials and processes, technology has improved how we take an original sculpture and turn it into a cast bronze.

Before I learned about how to cast bronze, I never knew the amount of people involved in casting a single work. It really takes a team of individuals, all specializing in single aspects of the process in order to cast an original piece into a bronze edition. Most artists can’t cast their own works at home (molten metal in your garage seems dangerous) so they send their pieces to a fine art foundry where they will be molded, casted into a wax replica, then cast into a bronze piece. When they are finished they are “metal chased,” which removes imperfections in the surface of the bronze, and it will get a chemical finish called a “patina” that gives it a unique color. The beauty of bronze is the possibility of colors and patters that can be achieved.