Reduction Linocut Hand-Pulled Prints

Skylla of the Sea is a tribute to the horses of Greek mythology - Skylla was one of the immortal eight horses of the sea-god Poseidon. 

In relief printmaking, a reduction print is a multi-color print in which separate colors are printed from the same block at different stages. For each color to be printed, a portion of the printing block is carved away. This process is repeated for as many colors as the artist has designed. The finished image is created in the controlled destruction of the printing block and can never be printed again. This means that each print pulled from this method is in a limited edition. Each piece is hand-pulled by Colorado artist, Samantha Combs, using archival ink on cotton paper. 

There are three sizes to choose from:

3 x 3 (1 in the edition)
3 x 7 (6 in the edition)
REVERSE 3 x 7 (4 in the edition - identifiable by the reverse color scheme, purple on top, light blue on bottom)
7 x 7 (5 in the edition)

They are all numbered and signed by the artist as part of each size's respective edition. This is for the print only, not matted or framed. Once they are sold, there will be no more remaining of this color scheme. Free first class shipping included in the United States!